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We are centrifugal fan manufacturers in India and centrifugal fan suppliers, exporters in Pune, Mumbai, Aurangabad, Nashik, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Telangana, Belgaum, Karnataka, Raipur, Chhattisgarh, Jaipur, India. Offered fans also known as industrial centrifugal fan, centrifugal blower fan, centrifugal air blower fan, industrial centrifugal air fans, heavy duty centrifugal fan.

Offered product is a mechanical device that uses centrifugal force to move air or other gases. It is commonly used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, as well as in industrial applications such as material handling, combustion air supply, and pneumatic conveying.

These fans typically consist of a housing, an impeller, and a motor. The housing is designed to direct the flow of air or gas through the fan, while the impeller, which is typically a wheel with curved blades, rotates inside the housing to generate airflow. The motor is used to power the impeller and can be either direct drive or belt drive.

There are several types of centrifugal fans, including radial fans, forward-curved fans, and backward-curved fans. Radial fans are the simplest and most commonly used type of centrifugal fan and are characterized by their high airflow and low pressure capabilities. Forward-curved fans have curved blades that are oriented in the direction of the fan's rotation, while backward-curved fans have blades that are oriented against the direction of rotation. Backward-curved fans are the most efficient type of centrifugal fan and are commonly used in industrial applications that require high pressure and low airflow.

Centrifugal fans are a critical component of many HVAC and industrial systems and play an important role in maintaining proper air circulation, ventilation, and air quality.